Taking a siesta

For the moment I am not taking any new bookings as our family is getting bigger in the new year. If you really, seriously, just have to have photos taken, please do ping me an email and I'll see what I can do.

How does it work?

Prior to the day of taking photos of you and your family/friends, I will send you some questions to respond to so that I can get to know you all a little better. The questions cover a variety of things from what you all enjoy doing through to where you would like to have the photos taken. I’ll also give you a buzz to see if you have any questions and to run over the plan of attack for the photo shoot.

On the day of the shoot, we’ll start with a nice informal chat so we get to feel comfortable with each other. My ideal is that you very quickly feel comfortable with me so that you feel relaxed with me snapping away at you with the camera. This is easier said than done if you’re not used to having photos taken of yourself. Please don't worry if things feel a tad awkward initially, we'll settle down and relax into it in good time.

Sessions generally last around an hour and a half.

We can go anywhere you like for your session: you may like to stay at home or get out and about. Either way, after our informal chat, we’d have a look around to see where would be good settings for your photos (so If we’re in your house, it may be that your bedroom has gorgeous light coming in which lends itself to bed snuggling photos, or if we’re outside, there may be a great shed/wall/forest to stand in front of).

We will focus on getting some really nice group/individual/different combination photos. You may also like to have an activity or two lined up that can be part of the shoot. The activities don't have to be anything fancy: they could be playing cricket together in your backyard, reading stories on the lounge room floor, going for a bike ride, baking a cake (ideally you'd have a well-lit kitchen), playing on the beach, blowing bubbles, jumping on the bed, flying a kite, eating ice creams...

As an example, if we were going to the Botanic Gardens, you might like to bring a picnic with a nice colourful, comfy rug to sit on, some bubble wands, a book to read and a favourite toy or two. Small, short(ish) activities are good so we get some variety in your photos.

Check out the the blog to get some ideas of what you'd like your shoot to be about.


What does it cost?

$600. For this you will receive 20 images provided to you on USB as high resolution jpegs. Please note I retain the right to use any images from your shoot for my website (this includes a blog post about the shoot), Facebook, Instagram and/or marketing collateral. If you would prefer to not have your images used in this way, that is absolutely fine, however there would be a higher session fee.

Please note:

  • There will be a travel cost of $1 per kilometre if the session venue is further than 20km from my house in Campbelltown. I will use Google Maps as the method of determining this distance. As an example, Alding Beach is 58kms from my house, so there would be a $76 travel fee to cover the trip there and back (58km-20km = 38km x 2 (return trip) = 76km x $1 = $76).
  • The photo shoot cost allows for photos to be taken at one location only. If you would like multiple locations, there would be an extra cost. We can certainly do indoors and outdoors, or start off at home and walk to a park, just nothing that requires driving from one location to another.
  • I will ask for payment by direct deposit prior to delivering your photos. There will be an extra cost for a USB stick ($10) + postage ($5).
  • The $600 cost does not include seeing a gallery containing lots of images, then choosing the ones that you like, the 20 images that I put on your USB stick will be the ones that I think are the best. If there are more that I think you might like, I will send you thumbnails of them and you can purchase the high resolution jpegs of these for an extra $30 each.
  • Session date is to be within 2 months of the booking date

I aim to post photos to you within 2 weeks of our time together.

Happy Clients