Kath Chapman

Thanks so much for taking the time to have a look at my photos and read this little blurb. I hope I show you the kinds of photos you like and that you feel encouraged to click on the ‘Contact’ link or give me a buzz.

A Beautiful Mess is me, Kath Chapman. I live in Adelaide, Australia, with my wonderful husband and our sensational son (the little blondie you’ll see in a lot of the current portfolio shots). We live in the ‘burbs on the outskirts of town but soon(ish) we’ll be moseying on up to a couple of beautiful acres in the Adelaide Hills where we’ll be living simply, growing our own food and enjoying the beauty of every day life.

I was a graphic designer up until a year and a half ago when the arrival of my son brought about a change in career path. I had always been interested in taking photos but never considered it as a career until our little blue-eyed boy came into our world. Immediately I wanted to capture every single little thing that he did and all the joy he brought to us and those around us.

Taking photos has helped me notice the sweet moments that occur every day that could easily slip by unnoticed: the way he crosses his feet on the stool under his high chair when he’s eating, the way he leans back on his dad’s shoulder when they’re reading a story together, the way he wears his little Smurf gumboots everywhere no matter how stinking hot it is outside.

If you’re interested in knowing more about what a session with me involves, please check out the ‘Session Details‘ info.